Xtream Codes: Digital Video Hosting

Xtream Codes

What are Xtream Codes?

Xtream Codes is a kind of internet marketing tool that helps you in getting more visitors. But it is different from other software such as Easy Digital Download that is associated with websites. Xtream codes are independent software that provides all the features required by resellers to attract customers to their websites.

Xtream Codes is software that is not associated with any software or web hosting providers. It is a software that provides all the features required by resellers for attracting customers. This software is also known for its life. It works on all compatible televisions such as CRT, LCD, plasma, and flat-screen. The iptv live provides various interactive features like video-on-demand, audio-on-demand, video pause, video-track selection, and background music player.

The software is designed in such a way that it does not require the use of any software by the client. The installation process is a lot simpler than most other software that you will come across. The software works on Windows only. This means that even if your client billing software is designed to work on the Linux platform, the Xtream support software will not work on this platform. You need to select another software package.

Features of Xtream Codes

The Xtream software contains various interactive features such as its live, remote control access, video-on-demand, audio-on-demand, video-pause, and background music player. The software also contains various modules including bookmarks, user information, library, builder, and others. All these features make it a lot easier for your clients to manage their bills and account creation.

Xtream Codes administration panel

Another cool feature of Xtream Codes is that the software comes with an administration panel. You can perform many functions such as creating, editing, and deleting accounts from your Xtream reseller panel. And you can perform these functions from your admin panel at any time.

Xtream Codes smart billing panel

One cool aspect about this software package is that you can create an Xtream Codes smart billing panel and use it for managing all the accounts and billings in your company. This will automatically update your accounting system and get your billing system running efficiently. This will enable you to save more money and time. And this is exactly what a smart reseller billing system does.

How Xtream Codes work

Multiple devices are compatible

When you purchase Xtream Codes, you get a programmable logic that can be used for creating streaming channels in its format. These channels will be played on all your computers and mobile devices that have an internet connection. This means that anyone in your organization can use its software to stream it to their devices. This is because the programmable logic can be hooked up to the main codes that stream iptv.

The programmable logic embedded in Xtream Codes allows the user to configure streaming rules. If you need to limit access to certain computer systems or devices, you can set up restrictions. You can also create streaming rules based on time. This will help you prevent overages from happening. If you want to take complete control over how your employees and business can use Xtream Codes, you can do so by hooking them up to the smart reseller billing system. This can be a great Xtream Codes integration solution for any organization.

Available different modes

By configuring the Xtream Codes software with the Smart Resellers panel, you can also set up the software to perform in different modes such as Streaming, Playback, and View only. By enabling the optional features of View Only, your subscribers can see a thumbnail picture while listening to your audio stream. However, this feature is not available for Playback and Streaming lines. If you need these features, you have to enable them in the preferences of the smart reseller’s panel.

This software can be installed on up to four computers and linked via an ethernet cable or wireless network. This makes it easy to expand your business by connecting various Xtream panels. For instance, if you want to provide streaming content to your company’s website, you do not need to buy separate IPTV cards for each employee. With one Xtream Code smart panel and a one-connection slot, you can configure everything on the smart reseller’s panel for a single connection and stream all of your company’s videos at the same time.

Control your customers easily

With Xtream Codes, it is also easy to manage all of your customer information like their names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers. When a new customer adds themselves to the system, you automatically enter their name and address into the Magento-powered smart Resellers software. Then, the Xtream Codes software connects to the information on the client’s database. This way, you can build up a database of every customer that comes in and out of your store. You can even store information about each customer’s order history and other pertinent information for future reference.

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